Technical Specialist

“A bad system will beat a good person every time.”  – W. Edwards Deming

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My passion is seeing manufacturing happen successfully. After over 35 years in materials in industrial manufacturing, I have been privileged to improve supply chains associated with chillers, temperature control units, paint dispensing and mixing equipment, gear boxes, machined & fabricated parts, and conveyors for power plants, candy, and pellets. This involved countless on-site visits and audits of suppliers of every kind of product to support these finished goods.

The processes I have worked with included machining & fabrication (plastics, steel, stainless, aluminum), injection molding, thermo-molding, pressure molding, vacuum/pressure molding, rotational molding, textiles, wood processing, outside processes that included chrome, oxide, heat treat, and finally, assembly of BOM’s that had from 1 to 2,000 parts.

Each of the organizations I worked for not only had supply chain issues but ERP & lean challenges to be solved. After all of this, I’ve learned that continuous improvement is a team sport, and it becomes exponentially more difficult to work within multi-business unit projects. Bringing people together and getting them to work together is a critical skill that I have mastered while conducting multi business unit negotiations and project implementations. Patience, reinforcement, sustainment, cooperation, and collaboration were some of the more difficult challenges that I have learned to overcome.

Lastly, maximizing supplier resources to make improvements within the companies that I worked for included bringing suppliers under roof to improve quality, pricing, and product flow. These included powder paint and tooling suppliers.


  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • ERP Optimization & Implementation
  • Supply Chain Audit & Risk Assessment
  • Kan Ban
  • Management Coaching

Specialized Skills

  • Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager – Institute of Supply Management
  • B.S. in Business from DePaul University


Actively recruited and staffed supply chain teams which included Purchasing, Planning, and Inventory departments. Developed standard operating procedures for these teams.

Active staff member making global decisions for the corporations in which I was employed.

Successfully changed business culture using SQDC, a lean principal.

Conducted quote projects on copper, freight, hardware, gears, steel, and many other commodities all producing six figure savings.

Proven cost reduction in all environments with direct impacts on purchase price variance, reduction in inventory, sales through competitiveness, improved supplier competition and performance.

Actively participated in multi-company collaborative purchasing projects as well as internal cost study teams to achieve cost reductions on numerous commodities.

Project manager for numerous projects for new product implementations, cost reduction efforts, part number reduction efforts, and business system enhancements.

Sourced and implemented multiple ERP systems.