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Client Engagement Team

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Client Services Team

  • Shankar Anant

    Shankar Anant

    Technical Specialist

  • Ashley Beaudoin

    Ashley Beaudoin

    Technical Specialist

  • Margo Barr

    Technical Specialist

  • Holly Bender

    Holly Bender

    Technical Specialist

  • Jesse Brady

    Jesse Brady

    Technical Specialist

  • Jim Floyd

    Jim Floyd

    Technical Specialist

  • Ed Huey

    Ed Huey

    Technical Specialist

  • Lisa Kenney

    Lisa Kenney

    Technical Specialist

  • Tim Maurer

    Tim Maurer

    Technical Specialist

  • John Remsey

    John Remsey

    Senior Technical Specialist

  • Joanne Romero

    Joanne Romero

    Technical Specialist

  • Greg Thompson

    Greg Thompson

    Senior Technical Specialist

  • Ken Wunderlich

    Ken Wunderlich

    Technical Specialist

Affiliate Relations and Client Outreach

  • John Bradarich

    John Bradarich

    Affiliate Relations Manager

  • Michelle Fossett

    Michelle Fossett

    Client Outreach Coordinator

Leadership Team

  • David Boulay

    David Boulay


  • Amanda Hawley

    Amanda Hawley

    Human Resources & Talent Development Manager

  • Kristy Johns

    Kristy Johns

    Marketing Manager

  • Mary Hallock

    Mary Hallock

    Client Services Manager

  • Rob Newbold

    Rob Newbold

    Client Engagement Manager

  • Mike Monahan

    Mike Monahan

    Vice President, Finance & Information Systems

Organizational Support Team

  • Lori Amerman

    Lori Amerman

    Operations Coordinator

  • Gretchen Clifton

    Gretchen Clifton

    Director of Strategic Projects

  • Eddie Leach

    Eddie Leach

    Assistant IT Systems Analyst

  • Jordyn Shawhan

    Jordyn Shawhan

    Administrative Assistant

  • Shannon Shrum

    Shannon Shrum

    Accounting/Grant Specialist

  • Melissa Zirbel

    Melissa Zirbel

    Resource Manager

Marketing Team

  • Simone Erskine

    Simone Erskine

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Shayla Kripalani

    Shayla Kripalani

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Emily Lee

    Emily Lee

    Program & Partner Relations Coordinator

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