To ensure that IMEC's focus is in alignment with the needs of Illinois businesses, IMEC is led by a board of directors comprised of the leaders of companies from across the state. Small and mid-sized manufacturers - IMEC's principal customer segment - are represented, as are larger OEMs such as Deere, Caterpillar, and healthcare organizations. Non-voting members include representatives from partner organizations and stakeholders.
  • Craig Van Den Avont

    Craig Van den Avont

    CHAIRMAN, President, GAM Enterprises, Inc.

    I am passionate about USA manufacturing and believe we can compete globally when it’s done well. In being part of IMEC, I can indirectly help other manufacturers achieve success if the services and resources we offer are effective in achieving our mission. I enjoy manufacturing and want to participate in the industry by interacting with other manufactures, the leadership team at IMEC, and being part of the organization.

  • Michelle Drew Rodriguez

    Michelle Drew Rodriguez

    1st VICE CHAIR, Manufacturing Executive

    I believe in the purpose and mission of IMEC and have seen the value it brings to individual businesses as well as the broader manufacturing ecosystem. I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the board and to help drive growth and global manufacturing competitiveness for Illinois based manufacturers.

  • Ken Carlton

    2nd VICE CHAIR, Vice President, Corrugated Metals, Inc.

  • Margy Sweeney


  • Scott Rempala

    Scott Rempala

    FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIR, President, Mighty Hook, Inc.

    Our company experienced significant financial and employee training gains from multiple engagements with the IMEC team. I was offered and opportunity to hopefully give back to an organization that has done so much to transform our company into a leading manufacturer in my industry. It has been my pleasure and my honor to serve on the board of IMEC over these last few years.

    Marcia Ayala

    President, Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc.

  • Robert Barnett

    Retired, Motorola

  • David Carroll

    Co-Founder and President, CU Aerospace

  • David Fox

    Retired, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Janet Garetto

    Office Managing Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

  • Mike Loquercio

    Mike Loquercio

    Digital Transformation, Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling

    I’m part of the IMEC board to “pay if forward” with a tremendous of group resources committed to sustaining, growing and developing manufacturing within Illinois. To be part of an organization so committed to that journey, to continuous improvement and providing tools, talent, resources and solutions to the small to mid-size manufacturers is truly an honor!

  • Ashley Moy

    Ashley S. Moy

    CEO/Chairwoman, Cast21

    I am on the IMEC Board because I want to help set the team’s ambitious goals and execute bold strategies that prepare and keep Illinois manufacturers competitive, inclusive, and sustainable in a global market.

  • Jeffrey Taylor

    Jeff Taylor

    President and CEO, Crafts Technology

    The reason that I am on the board is to share and leverage my experience in a way that is designed to be additive and helpful to others as they endeavor to improve themselves and their business.

    Karen Watson

    CEO, International Filter Manufacturing Corporation

    The IMEC Board is an excellent way to collaborate with like-minded leaders facing similar challenges while working together to advance and promote Illinois manufacturing.

Representatives to the Board (non-voting)

    Erin Kastberg

    Vice President for Legal Affairs, General Counsel at Bradley University

  • Jerry Blazey

    Jerry Blazey

    Vice President for Research and Innovative Partnerships, Northern Illinois University

    Northern Illinois University is honored to partner with IMEC to promote small to medium manufacturing across the state of Illinois. Our faculty in science, engineering, and business offer broad expertise in support of IMEC and their clients.

  • Larry Danziger, Pharm.D.

    Executive Director, (CADRE), Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Lynn Andersen Lindberg

    Director, Business Innovation and Research Innovation and Economic Development, Southern Illinois University Carbondale