Leadership Solutions to Help Your Company Succeed
Leaders are responsible for creating the long-term plan, clearly translating and communicating that plan, and ensuring the team works together to execute on all the details that ultimately leads to success. With all that responsibility, no wonder they say it can feel lonely at the top. Our approach is to help share perspective from an external view and help create the systems that help senior leaders succeed.

Step Two: Decide on Your Project

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Talent Succession Planning and Coaching

Prepare your company for the future by developing the next generation of leaders.
Talent Succession Planning and Coaching for Experienced Leaders helps to meet the needs of both employers and employees. As a business owner or VP, you benefit from the ability to strategically identify potential successors, monitor and track bench strength, identify crucial knowledge and skills gaps, and develop career pathway plans for ensuring business-critical roles are always filled. Your high-potential leaders benefit from the ability to hone their career aspirations and expand their leadership acumen; thus, strengthening organizational retention.
Comprehensive Talent Succession Management Plan

Continued Development and Coaching for High-Potential Leaders Identified for Succession

Customized Leadership Training and Development Plans

Business Transition Planning

Identify a leadership succession plan and create an action plan to take the needed steps to ensure a smooth transition.
The consultant will work with end client ownership/leadership through completion of an assessment to develop a plan. The assessment will be used to:

A plan that helps determine business transition goals

Identification of exit strategy options

Prioritized list of next steps and resources to help achieve goals
Plan Identifying Business Transition Goals

Identification of Exit Strategy Options

Prioritized List of Next Steps

Strategic Planning

Define your company's direction so you can make informed decisions on allocating your resources.
To bring small to mid-size manufacturing firms Strategic Planning expertise to propel profitable growth. The project will deliver a customized road map to optimize their realization of a common company vision using a collaborative approach, time tested tools and extensive leadership expertise.
Consensus on Company Priorities and Vision

Identify Goals and Strategies needed for Team Alignment

Create Tactical Plan to Achieve Your Vision

Leadership Daily Management and Dashboards

Learn how to create dashboards for performance visibility and how to use those dashboards to lead your team to performance success.
IMEC will support the client in developing, implementing, and sustaining daily lean management systems and processes aligned with company goals and objectives. Through this project a sustainable shop floor management system will be developed. Leaders will be educated in the use of tools and processes leading to a lean transformation.
Roadmap of systems and tools for effective shop floor Lean Daily Management

Shop floor culture of engagement driving continuous improvement

A closed loop process focused on visual controls, accountability, and sustained improvement

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