Manufacturing Day


Manufacturing Day 2020 – Inspire the Next Generation of Manufacturers

What is MFGDAY?

National Manufacturing Day celebrates modern manufacturing and positively influences the common misconceptions around the manufacturing industry, while inspiring the future generation of manufacturers. Although nationally recognized on the first Friday of October (this year, it is October 2), Illinois celebrates manufacturing the entire month of October. Manufacturers have the opportunity to open their doors to local schools and their communities to give students, educational leaders, and parents the opportunity to learn what manufacturing is and is not.

Influence the Next Generation and Build Your Pipeline of Talent

Manufacturers face a talent shortage and Manufacturing Day provides the opportunity to collaboratively address this issue and other common challenges. By participating in Manufacturing Day/Month, Illinois manufacturers are empowered to connect with the next generation of manufacturers, positively influence the public’s perception of manufacturing, and ensure continued growth of the industry. When you host or participate in a MFG Day event you get to:

  • Share your company’s story
  • Dissolve outdated myths about manufacturing (dull, dirty, unsafe, etc.)
  • Inspire a new generation of manufacturers
  • Learn about ways to improve your efficiencies, workforce, and profits
  • Initiate business relationships with other manufacturers or community organizations
  • Discover what else is being made in your community

How to Participate in MFG Day

  • Decide on the type of event you will host
    • Virtual event
    • Plant tours or other in person event
  • Register your event on Creatorswanted.com
  • Use the Host Toolkit to plan, partner with local schools, and promote your event
  • Promote! Promote! Promote!

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