Workforce Solutions to Help Your Company Succeed
Recruiting, Preparing, and Growing the talent base is among the most critical challenges facing manufacturers. IMEC helps manufacturers to increase worker output and adapt to change through hands-on training, development and coaching. The goal: close the gap between learning and doing to get sustained business results. 

Step Two: Decide on Your Project

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Talent Acquisition and Retention

Evaluate your employee’s journey and create a strategy that will help you attract and retain the people you want.
Current state assessment of your workforce stability, talent acquisition, and retention practices. Improve workforce stability and reduce costs with improved talent acquisition and retention activity.
Talent Acquisition and Retention Assessment

Talent Acquisition and Retention Improvement Plan

Leadership Strategy Execution and Planning Facilitation

Employee Engagement Survey and Action Planning

Create a strategy for employee engagement that will help your company attract quality candidates and retain the employees you have now.
Gain an understanding of the critical factors that lead to positive employee engagement in your facility and create a strategic plan to shore up strengths and reduce weaknesses
Insight into the factors that are driving and hindering positive employee engagement

Prioritized improvement opportunities that will lead to improved engagement

Workplan to use to drive change in your organization

Career Pathways

Execute on the training element of your business strategy and prepare your workforce for the future.
Career Pathways System (CPS) can help Manufacturers train and develop people to support business development strategies.

Retain workers, giving them a competitive edge that attracts high skilled employees.

Provides turnkey, efficient training solutions that provide quick timeframe to upskill new hires and progressing current employees to be fully productive in advances jobs.

Engages employees and reduces turnover
Overview of Skills Development Needs for your Facility

Training Plan for a Job/Role or Your Choice

Leadership Skills Training

Enable your supervisors to strengthen the way they interact with staff, proactively address performance issues, and encourage great team performance.
Improved supervisor and employee relations will lead to increased employee retention and higher employee engagement.
Facilitated interactive training on key supervisor engagement topics

Hands on practice for supervisors to try out the tools in real situations

More confident supervisors prepared for positive team interactions

Search Engine Optimization

Draw new customers to your website by showing up early in web searches. This will help attract new customers and grow your business outreach.
Customers are making buying decisions online. With Search Engine Optimization you can be sure you show up when they are looking.
Full website SEO audit

Implementation of findings to increase SEO

Additional recommendations and a roadmap for maintenance

Selling Online

Generate new business through web based marketing and sales.
Selling online can increase sales and find you new customers. Find a new sales channel by setting up your store today.
Online storefront for direct to customer sales

Includes up to 10 products and training on inventory

Step Three: Submit Your Application