Building Blocks of 5-S: The Importance of Red Tag Areas in Workplace Organization

When an organization embarks on a 5-S initiative – to clean and organize the facility – they often find it challenging to determine what to do with the “stuff” they want to Sort out of the space. Not all things belong in the trash, but they certainly don’t belong back on the equipment shelves or in the production cell. So where should it go?

A Red Tag Area is a designated area where items of uncertain use or need are held until their disposition is determined. This should be a conspicuous location that is both easily accessible to most and has a lot of visibility. Encouraging staff to become engaged in the “clean-up” and decision making will keep your 5-S activities efficient and results-focused.

Download the Whitepaper to learn more about why creating a Red Tag Area can streamline your workplace organization efforts and empower employees to take action!

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