Reducing Set-up Times: A Foundation for Lean Manufacturing

Increasing capacity is an important motivator for improving set-up time. Looking closely at capacity issues will reveal that most problems are caused by limited output of one or two machines or processes. These bottlenecks limit the entire facility’s output, and probably are responsible for most late orders, so focusing time and effort on reducing set-up for key machines is going to be a good investment.

Simple approaches to reducing set up time:

  • Measure key indicators
  • Implement a set-up reduction project for under-performing machines
  • Reduce set-up times on the next 2-5 worst machines
  • Reduce batch sizes by at least 25 percent across the board
  • Implement any suggestions to further reduce set-up time
  • As soon as the facility is operating smoothly, reduce batch sizes by another 25 percent

Download the Whitepaper to learn more about how a reduction in set-up times can drive productivity and achieve consistent results!

Reducing Set-Up Times Lean Manufacturing
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