Harnessing the Strengths of a Multigenerational Workforce to Leverage Opportunities

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find up to 5 generations in a single workplace.  Across all industries, organizations  have to be mindful and strategic in how they approach managing multiple generations on their workforce.  The dynamic mix of traditionalists, baby boomers, gen x, millennials and gen z creates many challenges and opportunities for business leaders.

There is diversity in values, attitudes and expectations towards work/life balance, and communication styles and tools. As such, leaders must understand the different values, motivations and skill-sets of the multigenerational workforce in order to effectively leverage unique views. To build bridges between the generations, strategies like the following can be adopted or adapted.

  • Educate managers in multigenerational leadership
  • Be flexible and adaptive
  • Listen well and act fast
  • Cultivate new leaders and ideas
  • Leverage social media tools

Download the Whitepaper to learn more about these strategies and how you can apply them to successfully cultivate a multigenerational organization.

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