E3: Economy, Energy, Environment: Reduce Costs Associated with Your Waste Stream

E3: Energy, Environment, Economy is an emerging concept in continuous improvement that balances the efficiencies of a company’s processes with development of sustainable operating practices. The bottom line is that you can realize even larger savings through an optimized look at all of your key processes.

A Lean & Green approach will give manufacturers the ability to:

  • Identify recycling and reuse options
  • Improve the quality of the waste stream so it can be reused internally or by another manufacturer as input.
  • Develop efficient systems that will enable reuse or recycling waste.
  • Aid in product design that can minimize the use of materials, resulting in less waste.
  • Focus efforts on how best to manage energy usage

Download the Whitepaper to reduce costs associated with your waste stream!

E3 Lean and Green
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