8 Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation

Marketers today are constantly reminded that the company needs more
sales leads . . . now. Unfortunately, that immediacy quite often is at the direct
expense of quality. A flood of ordinary, everyday leads does not mean that
successful sales will follow. The challenge, therefore, is to tailor and adopt
lead generation programs that will increase the odds of creating better sales
leads, ultimately resulting in long-term, happy and profitable customers.

There are many aspects to consider when creating a lead generation program. Brian J. Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale,  breaks down how to properly plan a lead generation program that is sustainable and produces results by  keeping 8 critical factors in mind.

Until now, “lead generation” was associated with direct mail campaigns, sometimes supported by a flashy website, sporadic trade show appearances, intense e-mail blasts or stabs at telemarketing, but with very little if any special attention brought to bear on the complex sale.

So what are the 8 critical success factors for lead generation?

  • Conversation, not campaign
  • Sales and marketing as a team
  • An ideal customer profile
  • A universal lead definition
  • An effective lead management process
  • A foundational database
  • Integrated multimodal tactics
  • Consistent lead nurturing

Download the whitepaper to diver deeper into these 8 factors and learn how they can improve your lead generation results.

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