Torsten HurshTechnical Specialist

“Intentionality can create defining impacts.”


Phone: 217-521-5536
Fax: 309-677-3289
Email: thursh@imec.org


Born & raised with factories in my backyard with generations of tire throwers, I’ve always admired the ability for individuals to create and build things. More specifically, understanding the inner working systems that tie the entire process together to form a product has fueled each step I’ve made throughout the last decade. But what I’m most passionate about is that while problems are being solved, we also have the opportunity to intentionally bridge the “silos” of an organization into a system.

My background experiences include earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in Historical Studies, where I learned to truly grasp the idea of research. After of which, I’ve spent most of my time helping manufacturing organizations process immense amount of information to rid the noise and get to the real point of the pain. My niche has been producing digital solutions for previously offline or legacy systems. Such systems include: pricing, inventory availability and client request workflows utilizing web frameworks, data migration from local to cloud support, dashboard & portal redesigns and enterprise marketing site redesigns.  At the same time, I’ve worked alongside industrial leaders in new product implementation with a focus on quality control, inventory management, throughput analysis, and team development.

Based in Central Illinois, I serve as a technical specialist, drawing upon IMEC’s extensive state and national resources to help companies implement actions that improve their productivity and competitiveness.


Specialized Skills


A global manufacture was implementing a new product line and needed support in throughput analysis and team development. With a team of lean consultants, we were able to drive down defects, cross-train line inspectors and pre-delivery inspectors to increase RTS to actual throughput to remove probational shipping constraints.

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