Mary HallockTechnical Specialist

“My favorite days are working with supervisors and managers to help them develop strong leadership skills. They gain confidence and strong processes that help them create good atmospheres for their employees. I like checking back with them to find out how their work lives have improved and how they have improved the work lives of their employees.”

Contact Information:

Cell: 815.721.4474
Fax: 309-677-3289
Email: mhallock@imec.org


I have a great passion for helping manufacturers in the Northern Illinois area. I have helped manufacturers grow and maintain over 300 jobs during my time at IMEC. It’s extremely important to me to see this area of our state thrive and grow as I have been part of this community for over 10 years.

When I am brought into a project, one of the very first things I like to do is to fully understand the company’s objectives. Once the goals are clearly understood, I sit down with the leadership team to discuss and set the agenda of exactly how we are going to create the change they desire. From there, we create an implementation path that defines the project deliverables and sets the expectations for impacts to the company.

I provide direct technical assistance to manufacturers. I specialize in solutions to help companies improve their business and leadership strategies. With more than 22 years of experience in the chemical and food ingredients industries, I can assist manufacturers in the areas of production, strategic planning, business management, workforce development, continuous improvement and green business practices. My favorite projects are those where I have the opportunity to help management and the shop floor personnel learn how to address the cultural side of change along with the processes.

I earned a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in finance from LaSalle University. I am a certified Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Instructions and Job Relations Trainer and Coach, an OSHA authorized general industry trainer and a certified trainer for Development Dimensions International (DDI).


Specialized Skills

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Management
  • Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Instructions and Job Relations Trainer and Coach
  • OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer for General Industry
  • Certified trainer for Development Dimensions International (DDI)
  • One on one coaching


Heading over 50 separate projects, I have helped companies create over 30 new jobs, retain over 300 jobs and help Illinois companies accrue an aggregate impact of over $27M.

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