Lisa KenneyRegional Manager

“I like to blend resources to come up with mutually beneficial solutions that have a positive impact on all parties.”

Contact Information:

Southern Illinois University
1740 Innovation Drive
Suite 136
Carbondale, IL 62903

Phone: 314-330-9795
Email: lkenney(at)imec.org

Lending a Hand:

First and foremost, I like making connections. I pride myself on introducing people to others who can help them and introducing the right processes to manufacturers to ensure they succeed and continue to grow.

The Metro East Region has always been special to me; I have spent nearly my entire career working to improve the economic climate here, one company at a time.

Relationship building has to be the first step for any solution to be effective. Without a strong level of trust, we simply cannot accomplish what we need to get done together.

I work hard to connect multiple aspects of a project including the diagnosis of the organizational issues, the development of a strategic solution, and the implementation of a successful initiative. All of this needs to involve the people behind the process in positive ways.

My Background:

I came to manufacturing with a focus on the people side- workforce development – and have been incorporating the technical aspects of the work ever since.

I have more than 27 years of experience in multiple facets of organizational development including consulting, recruiting/hiring solutions, training, facilitation, needs assessment, instructional design, and project/team management.

I began my career with State Farm Insurance Companies, serving on a team of instructional designers and facilitators at the company’s corporate headquarters.

After serving as a training manager, I moved into workforce development and focused on leadership and industrial training to build a strong base of skilled manufacturing employees in the metro-east region.

I am a certified Master Trainer for Development Dimensions International (DDI), and a certified facilitator for AchieveGlobal and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Stephens College and a Master’s degree in Management Leadership from Webster University.

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