Dave MaddenRegional Manager

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”
Albert Einstein


Phone: 630-899-9699
Fax: 309-677-3289
Email: dmadden@imec.org

Lending a Hand:

I have a very diverse professional background having worked in both large and small business environments. I have made it my primary objective to lead the ideation and implementation of key strategic initiatives helping companies become more competitive in their respective industries. I am a strong proponent for the development and execution of not only longterm strategic business development plans, but also continuous improvement, organizational, and operational plans that are clearly communicated throughout all levels of the organization. My primary role and responsibility is to provide a conduit to all of the technical and related business resources that IMEC and its partners possess. I get to assist clients in achieving long term sustainable growth and prosperity.  

My Background

I possess over 35 years of experience in field marketing, business development, manufacturing and distributor operations in food and beverage, textile, machinery, and wine and spirits industries. This experience includes customer facing and distributor operations assignments with leading consumer product companies. I also held leadership roles with a number of (small market) privately held companies at the start-up, early growth, and mature business levels. Along the way, I co-founded and led the day to day manufacturing operations for a state-of-the-art aseptic bulk ingredient blending company, which was successfully sold to a strategic buyer. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice degree from State University of New York and studied for my Masters of Science in Sociology at the University of South Carolina. 

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