Recruiting, Preparing, and Growing the talent base is among the most critical challenges facing manufacturers. IMEC helps manufacturers to increase worker output and adapt to change through hands-on training, development and coaching. The goal: close the gap between learning and doing to get sustained business results. IMEC's Workforce services include leadership development, supervisor effectiveness, organization change management, and our newest offering: Family Business Advisor.

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  • Change Management
  • Customized Workforce Training
  • Instructional Design
  • Leadership/Executive Coaching
  • Problem Solving Skills Training
  • Sales Training

Expanded Solutions:

Employee Engagement

Did You Know?

$11 billion are lost annually due to high turnover of employees nationally? (Bureau of National Affairs) Or that a staggering 71% of workers are disengaged from their jobs? As a manufacturing leader, you are focused on reducing costs related to hiring while striving to retain a productive workforce in a highly competitive talent market. But how are you driving increased innovation, productivity, and bottom line performance with a workforce that is disengaged?

Disengaged employees may disconnect from the workplace and become less productive than their counterparts. They may negatively influence customer relations, sales, quality, productivity, and overall employee retention. By creating a workforce of engaged employees that are motivated, committed and focused on doing the job right you will naturally drive the positive, measurable results to your bottom line.

Begin communicating with your workforce to better understand your employees’ thoughts about the internal culture and processes. Through an Employee Engagement Survey, you can identify how your employees truly feel about the current workplace and then create a strategy for workforce improvement. Listening to the voice of your employees is critical to see problem areas within the workplace and to recognize what is working well.


Customized insights and feedback

  • Understand your employee behavior more thoroughly; where do your challenges lie and what are the areas of opportunity from their perspective?
  • Receive recommendations from IMEC experts for improving employee engagement; develop a plan for actionable improvement according to the voice of the workforce.

Workforce and improvement tracking

  • Track employee engagement throughout the year using the benchmark data received from the survey
  • Re-engage the workforce with an annual survey to measure your progress from the initial benchmark
  • Sustain implementation and improvement efforts through optional coaching support


One week prior to Survey:

  • Determine employee facilitation groups and plan schedule for 45 minute time blocks
  • Execute leadership communication to company team members about the Survey and schedule

One to two days before Survey:

  • Send reminder to team members including final detail for logistics and schedule


Day of the survey

  • Meet with company leadership
  • Complete the individual Survey in employee groups (size based on company headcount)
  • Complete a focus group discussion with a groups of employees
  • Create additional Survey and focus group time slots as needed
  • Facilitate Survey wrap-up session with the leadership team

Two weeks after Survey:

  • Meet with IMEC and company leadership to review the final results and develop a course of action for improvement.


  • Create a stronger culture of engaged employees
  • Develop an honest and open relationship between leadership and employees
  • Identify opportunities for career path development
  • Involve employees in important decisions and processes
  • Create a workforce of company promotors
  • Strengthen employee retention
  • Increased Performance: Employees who are highly engaged report a 21% increase in their performance.
  • Motivated Employees: A total of 78% of employees who are recognized for their work report being more motivated.
  • Reduced Turnover:There is a 14.9% lower turnover rate for companies who provide employees with continuous feedback.
Leadership Development

In today’s business environment, supervisors and team leaders are relied upon to impact the performance of the enterprise. Effective leaders have exemplary supervisory skills, adapt their style to connect with their team members, communicate often, resolve conflict swiftly, and persuade their associates to achieve maximum value for the company.

IMEC’s Leadership Development and Team building Program is designed to give Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Front Line Workers the tools they need to be successful. Each module is reinforced with hands-on learning in which the participant takes concepts learned in the classroom and puts them to use in the work setting. Combined with one-on-one coaching, participants get a personalized learning experience to maximize the outcomes.

Training Objectives
IMEC will work with your company to identify the training objectives that will best meet your needs.

Team Leader and Teambuilding Program topics may include:

  • Discovering Cooperative Leadership
  • Gaining Respect Through Powerful Communications
  • Overcoming Resistance Through Motivation
  • Maximizing On-The-Job Training
  • Problem Solving

Supervisor and Front Line Program topics may include:

  • Building Productive Teams
  • Creating Win-Win Communication
  • Implementing Effective Motivation
  • Maximizing High Performance Coaching
  • Mastering Conflict Resolution
  • Implementing Practical Training
  • Discovering Leadership

To further sharpen leaders’ and team skills, sessions are followed with each participant and/or team receiving on-the-job coaching. Coaches use a customized guide specific to each sessions’ topic to review and practice concepts in the work environment. Participants are allowed ample time to absorb and contemplate training concepts before coaching sessions begin. Coaching allows participants and/or teams to practice new skills with support and assess their personal leadership effectiveness on a continuous basis.

IMEC’s model of pairing experienced leadership coaches with structured skills training will help you achieve:

  • Team leaders and supervisors capable of working within key functional areas of the company
  • Inspired leaders and teams thereby improving business culture, employee morale and operating performance
  • High performance teams that set the standard for accelerated improvements, improved communication, and dynamic problem solving
Safety Programs and Training

Employee well-being, regulatory requirements, industry expectations and medical expenses are challenging for many organizations. IMEC manufacturing specialists work with employers to develop customized approaches to meeting and exceeding the demands of managing safety and health programs.

IMEC manufacturing specialists have worked with various companies throughout Illinois and offer a broad range of practical and industry experience. They are OSHA Authorized Outreach Training Providers. While IMEC has no affiliation with OSHA, its specialists are trained to recognize problems, understand regulatory requirements and are prepared to bring companies to compliance before fines or accidents can occur.


IMEC works with manufacturers to develop a comprehensive approach to safety and health programs that can include very specific services, such as an in-depth assessment, safety committee coordination, employee manual creation or training activity. Safety and health management is a continuous effort and requires regular assessment, training and management activities.

As part of a comprehensive plan, IMEC visits monthly or quarterly on site to provide the expertise and required manpower to keep the safety and health program updated. Typical quarterly visits consist of assessment of shop activities, employee refresher and specialized training, as well as management planning. All activities are documented for future reference in the event of insurance audits or regulatory inspections.

Specific Safety and Health Related Services and Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Electrical
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Ergonomics
  • Food Safety & Security
  • Flammable & Combustible Liquids
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Incident Investigation
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Machine Guarding
  • OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour Training for General Industry and Construction
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Powered Industrial Trucks
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Walking and Working Surfaces
Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology that utilizes a formal process and a variety of tools, including statistical analysis, to help companies reduce their costs and improve profitability. It is a customer-focused strategy that applies a set of proven tools and methods to help Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) processes within the company.Six Sigma Champions lead change throughout the organization. For successful Six Sigma implementation, senior plant/company leadership and other key personnel must participate in Champion training. Champions do not typically lead Six Sigma projects, but must fully support the process for the company to realize their full potential for success. Potential Champions include those people who own the processes to be improved, make resources available, evaluate financial cost justifications, and/or supervise the individuals selected as Black Belts and Green Belts.

Training Within Industry (Supervisory Skills)

An IMEC, certified TWI Facilitator will spend time with the company’s leadership to help prepare the expectations for TWI implementation. In this time, we will work to clarify the project objectives, determine the role of leadership’s support and set expectations for sustaining benefits.


IMEC’s TWI coach will meet with leadership and supervisors to assess progress and help sustain learning. During the follow-up assessments, we’ll be able to identify obstacles to success, pursue solutions to overcome challenges and modify implementation plans as necessary.