Lean Transformation

Today’s successful companies are flexible, efficient, and responsive to change. They deliver what their customers need, precisely when they need it. They eliminate wasteful, non-value-added production and administrative functions. Working with IMEC’s continuous improvement experts, you’ll be guided on a journey in which efficiency and effectiveness become a part of your every day operating culture. You’ll see how simple changes can generate increased profits and increase employee satisfaction.


Phase 1: Deployment Planning

Appropriate planning ensures that employees are able to effectively implement the improvements without disrupting ongoing work activities. It starts by clearly identifying the objectives you want to reach and developing a road map to achieve them. We lay out a timeline in which implementation  rapid enough so that employees see it working and generating measurable results.

Phase 2: Preparing Internal Champions and Culture

We work with designated lean champions to make the lean journey visible throughout the company. The Champions are typically process/value-stream managers who will become internal facilitators and actively lead Lean projects. They are equipped with “tools” for decision-making, communication, and tracking Lean deployment progress and results.

Phase 3: Workforce Preparation

The hallmark of IMEC’s approach is a Train-to-Sustain model – an overview preparation on the key Lean methodologies. Our simulations and hands-on exercises drive home the power of Lean to a cross-section of employees from different levels of responsibility/authority and operating units within the facility. Soon, the champions will be ready to take over facilitation without the need for continued Lean implementer support or mentoring.

Phase 4: Execution

Working side-by-side with the champions, we utilize value stream mapping as the foundation for Lean execution. We use this tool to assess the current state of your operations, identify the bottlenecks and constraints and pinpoint those specific processes that will be tackled as part of the Lean implementation activities. We facilitate rapid improvement “Kaizen” events to make changes to a work area or product line, or administrative process.

Phase 5: Evaluation and Coaching
We track your progress and help you make adjustments to the program in order to ensure that your
objective is met. We meet with your champion once a week for check-up and to provide support and

consultation where you need us. Our goal is to stay with you until your objective is met.

Lean Tools
  • Lean Simulation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S/Workplace Organization
  • Quick Changeover
  • Cellular/Flow Manufacturing
  • Pull/Kanban Systems
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Kaizen Event Facilitation
  • Lean Sigma
  • Change Management
Lean Office
  • Administrative Value Stream Mapping
Other Cost Containment and Waste Reduction Strategies
  • Facilities Layout
  • Original Equipment Effectiveness
Typical Results from IMEC’s Lean Projects
  • Work in Process reduction up to 90%
  • Space utilization reduction up to 70%
  • Lead time reduction up to 95%
  • Productivity improvement 10-40%
  • Quality improvement 25-75%
  • Enhanced teamwork, communication
  • Multiple other benefits related to improved product flow
Operations Continuous Improvement Consultant

More Operations Services:

  • Supplier Research & Scouting
  • Supply Chain Optimization (Tools, Strategy)
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Scouting
  • I cannot say enough about the team at IMEC and how they have truly expanded our future at Lindy. We would not be in the renewed shape we are in without their knowledge, direction, and networking.

    Cheryl Wellman Lindy Manufacturing

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