IMEC and GNCDC Work to Improve Job Quality, Productivity, and Work Environment Over the Next 21 Months

Peoria, IL –September 7, 2018– Over the next 21 months, IMEC will partner with Greater Northwest Chicago Development Corporation (GNCDC) to enhance staff engagement levels by developing methods to improve job quality, productivity, and work environment for current and future employees. These tangible outcomes will positively affect business owners and their front-line employees.

The Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance (CWFA) is a collaboration of foundations working with employers and other workforce stakeholders to increase employment, wages, and equity in the Chicago region. Its members include The Chicago Community Trust, the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, the United Way, and many more. Support for this project is made possible by a new philanthropic partnership between CWFA, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and the Prudential Foundation.

The support received from this partnership will assist IMEC in creating competitive futures for Illinois manufacturers by increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. This project is designed to help manufacturing leaders understand current levels of front-line worker engagement, the barriers to increasing engagement, and to implement systems and practices that lead to upskilling the workforce.  The cohort-based model is structured to create and sustain a customized approach to improve the most valuable asset to a given company, the workforce.

Dr. David Boulay, President of IMEC, says “Employee engagement is such an important aspect of organizational success, and we are working to improve job quality, impacts, and to develop sustainable futures for our clients.” With unemployment at an all-time low for Illinois, Boulay believes “it is an ideal time to invest in your workforce, who in turn will also benefit your organizational results.”

IMEC will aid in building a competitive business strategy, based upon the workforce survey results, designed to develop and retain current staff through workforce component implementations. Solving workforce topics, such as improving engagement levels, has become a central issue for manufacturers. Implementing change begins with creating a sustainable future which will ultimately lead to better skills resulting in better jobs and employees who acquire cross functional skills.

Matt Bruce, Executive Director of the Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance, describes the objectives of the next 21 months as “Our primary goals for this project are to advance organizations to a place where they are able to consistently hire the right people for the right job, to efficiently and accurately train new staff, and to develop an environment where high employee engagement is an undeniable aspect of their organization.” He continues with “The CWFA believes in the purpose of this project, and trusts that IMEC and the GNCDC are the professionals who can move the needle forward.”


About IMEC
IMEC is a non-profit economic development organization focused on fostering long-term economic and workforce competitiveness across the state of Illinois. Committed to driving organizational improvement and enterprise excellence, IMEC provides a range of hands-on, goal oriented solutions in continuous improvement, strategy, workforce, technology and top line growth to lead organizations to their competitive future. IMEC is funded in part by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership and through fees paid by Illinois businesses for IMEC’s services. IMEC has seven offices statewide and 48 full-time industry improvement specialists. For more information, visit www.imec.org.

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