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To keep pace with global competition, today’s small and mid-sized manufacturers are in a perpetual search for new ways to produce cost effectively with the highest levels of quality. Process optimization, six sigma deployment, and training can help, but they’re not the answer for every situation. Sometimes, the solution may lie in acquiring or leveraging advanced technology to automate production, develop new products, or seize new business opportunities


Using the process developed by the Research Triangle Institute International (RTI), IMEC will search outside traditional channels to find solutions for unmet technology needs.


Step 1 – IMEC will work with small and mid-sized manufacturers to evaluate each situation and determine whether enhanced technology is a potential fit.

Step 2 – We search for technology options using cross-market, cross-discipline visibility and known network resources such as Universities, Federal Research Labs, or corporate developers.

Step 3 – We identify emerging technologies using nontraditional investigative techniques. We look at aligned industry sectors, case examples of technology used in vertical industries, and determine whether a technology can be re-purposed to match the client’s situation.

Step 4 – We thoroughly evaluate the technologies to ensure they address the problem/need stated by the client.


  • Gain unexpected solutions from diverse technical fields that meet specific technology needs
  • Develop joint venture partnerships to accelerate time to market
  • Develop technology and process improvement partners
  • Reveal new opportunities for products/process improvements
Technology Consulting for Manufacturing

More Technology Services:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
  • I cannot say enough about the team at IMEC and how they have truly expanded our future at Lindy. We would not be in the renewed shape we are in without their knowledge, direction, and networking.

    Cheryl Wellman Lindy Manufacturing

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