Leadership Development

In today’s business environment, supervisors and team leaders are relied upon to impact the performance of the enterprise. Effective leaders have exemplary supervisory skills, adapt their style to connect with their team members, communicate often, resolve conflict swiftly, and persuade their associates to achieve maximum value for the company.

IMEC’s Leadership Development and Team building Program is designed to give Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Front Line Workers the tools they need to be successful. Each module is reinforced with hands-on learning in which the participant takes concepts learned in the classroom and puts them to use in the work setting. Combined with one-on-one coaching, participants get a personalized learning experience to maximize the outcomes.

Training Objectives

IMEC will work with your company to identify the training objectives that will best meet your needs.

Team Leader and Teambuilding Program topics may include:
  • Discovering Cooperative Leadership
  • Gaining Respect Through Powerful Communications
  • Overcoming Resistance Through Motivation
  • Maximizing On-The-Job Training
  • Problem Solving
Supervisor and Front Line Program topics may include:
  • Building Productive Teams
  • Creating Win-Win Communication
  • Implementing Effective Motivation
  • Maximizing High Performance Coaching
  • Mastering Conflict Resolution
  • Implementing Practical Training
  • Discovering Leadership

To further sharpen leaders’ and team skills, sessions are followed with each participant and/or team receiving on-the-job coaching. Coaches use a customized guide specific to each sessions’ topic to review and practice concepts in the work environment. Participants are allowed ample time to absorb and contemplate training concepts before coaching sessions begin. Coaching allows participants and/or teams to practice new skills with support and assess their personal leadership effectiveness on a continuous basis.

IMEC’s model of pairing experienced leadership coaches with structured skills training will help you achieve:
  • Team leaders and supervisors capable of working within key functional areas of the company
  • Inspired leaders and teams thereby improving business culture, employee morale and operating performance
  • High performance teams that set the standard for accelerated improvements, improved communication, and dynamic problem solving
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  • Problem Solving Skills Training
  • Safety Programs and Training
  • Sales Training
  • Six Sigma
  • I cannot say enough about the team at IMEC and how they have truly expanded our future at Lindy. We would not be in the renewed shape we are in without their knowledge, direction, and networking.

    Cheryl Wellman Lindy Manufacturing

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