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Whether your company is looking to incorporate new processing equipment, expand facilities, improve flow within your existing facility, or re-locate, IMEC can help you realize the maximum benefit from your efforts. Proper Facilities Layout utilizing and incorporating the latest Lean Manufacturing strategies and techniques will optimally locate equipment, materials, people, and infrastructure to minimize movement, handling and travel distance of the material and labor while increasing overall productivity.

For many projects, the first step of a layout project will be a block diagram proposal to determine if the plan will be feasible. To support this, IMEC uses the Simplified Systematic Layout Planning  process. IMEC engineers will document blocks of space and square footage needed for each. Tools such as product family process analysis and relationship diagrams will be prepared to plot and visualize relationships. Several block diagram options will be created, then analyzed and scored to determine the best block diagram layout.If desired, IMEC can then help with detailed facilities layout planning.

Step 1 – Develop and/or verify a baseline drawing IMEC and a team of your employees will develop and/or verify a baseline drawing of your existing facility, to include, if applicable:

Production area drawing will show production equipment, personnel, cranes, column locations,
transportation aisles, material storage areas, docks, doors, and as needed: locations and routing of

primary utilities (electrical, pneumatic, vacuum, coolant, data, etc.), lighting.

Warehouse/Shipping will show racks, columns, aisles, electrical, material handling equipment,
computer workstations and, as needed, data collection points, printers, inventory locations and


Data infrastructure, electrical, personnel locations, solid and partition walls, common equipment

(copiers, printers, etc.)

Step 2 – Facilitate employee input meetings
IMEC will facilitate meetings with your company’s management team and targeted floor personnel, to gain input and identify the facilities layout requirements with regards to:
  • Product/process flow
  • Facility/infrastructure
  • Data transfer
  • Equipment
  • Inventory levels and management
Step 3 – Develop, design, and present potential new layouts

IMEC and your team of key employees will work to improve the process flow and efficiency based upon underlying principles of lean manufacturing and process flow efficiency. The team will develop facilities layout options, showing the current operation best arranged within the facility, and offer recommendations to accommodate future growth.

At the conclusion of our integrated teams effort, you will receive a baseline drawing and two to four
alternative layout options with all related process flows documented in both electronic and paper form. IMEC’s thorough approach to Facilities Layout will help you realize your objectives of more efficient
utilization of people, resources and information leading to increased productivity and decreased costs.
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