Lead Generation 2.2 Strategic Planning

Marketers today are constantly reminded that the company needs more sales leads…now. Unfortunately, that immediacy quite often is at the direct expense of quality. A flood of ordinary, every day leads does not mean that successful sales will follow. The challenge, therefore, is to tailor and adopt lead generation programs that will increase the odds of creating better sales leads, ultimately resulting in long-term, happy and profitable customers.

The complex sale is not about mass marketing. Rather, the complex sale focuses on the specific needs and wants of the target audience. It is valuable to businesses that are engaged in long-term sales processes that require prolonged education and nurturing of the prospect. These companies generally provide solutions to their clients, who tend to be more sophisticated, are targeted to solving specific critical business issues, and are managed deliberately and with precision. The complex sale most often manifests itself in the environment of business-to-business marketing.

In our three Lead Generation white papers we outline a series of critical success factors that will best serve your needs in today’s world. In our final paper of the series, we explore key tactical methods to generate leads as well as the importance of a continuous lead nurturing process.

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