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Small businesses in the United States employ nearly half of the private workforce, with 58.9 million employees and growing. With high competition across several industries, you must ensure you are not only achieving your objectives, but also improving business processes in order to acquire and maintain a competitive edge. In today’s business world, innovation is imperative to stay relevant in the eye of your consumers and your competition. Whether it is your operations, employees, technology or products, development is important across the board.

Competitive Futures

Some of the most difficult challenges for small businesses are successfully defining and spreading brand awareness, creating a loyal customer base, and balancing quality with growth. However, these problems also have solutions. IMEC uses a world-recognized standard for excellence which addresses the key critical business aspects of leadership, strategy, customer engagement, operations, workforce and measurement & results. The improvement specialists at IMEC are highly skilled in continuous improvement, technology implementation, leadership development and much more.

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Small Business Success

More Small Business Success Stories:

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Armoloy of Illinois – Coating technologies manufacturer boosts engagement with customers with a winning lead generation program.

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Dulin Metals Co. – E3 assessment helps Dulin Metal Co. take a quantitative and qualitative look at their processes.

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Little Lady Foods – Frozen food company turns up heat on leadership training.

What Our Clients are Saying..

  • We really love the fact that IMEC is here for us. They have so many resources for a smaller company, it’s incredible.

    Tammy DalBello Nitrex (Manager of Quality and Regulatory Operations)
  • The IMEC staff was extremely helpful in moving things forward for us. They challenged what we are undertaking internally and gave us direction to progress through improvements. The third party integration as well as the ability to buffer and provide non-biased opinions has been most beneficial.

    Todd Bringuet Ace Sign Co. (Continuous Improvement Manager)
  • By teaching us how to do the work ourselves, IMEC gave us the ability to produce more and be more profitable with the same number of people. Their expertise ad resources are so valuable for small companies like ours.

    Sandra Pierce Phoenix Woodworking (President)

Small Business Resources

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