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In today’s highly digitized world, you must keep up with trends in operations, marketing, technology and fundraising to transform organizational challenges into opportunities. As a non-profit organization, you most likely operate with budgetary constraints; however, you still have an obligation to your financial stakeholders to ensure all your businesses processes are efficient and secure. Your marketing must become more human so you can connect and relate to your donors and cultivate strategic partnerships. Likewise, adopting technological innovations will allow you to increase your level of transparency to build more meaningful relationships with donors and take advantage of fundraising methods such as crowd sourcing and peer to peer funding, making it easier to donate. As with any other industry, your people are your strongest assets. You must develop leaders at all levels of the organization to ensure employee retention and prepare your organization’s future leaders to continue your mission.

Competitive Futures

Leveraging the latest trends will easily facilitate action, create meaningful connections by building trust and credibility and increase brand awareness. The goal is to create a strong IT infrastructure that is efficient, secure and will sustain your mission. IMEC uses a world-recognized standard for excellence which addresses the key critical business aspects of leadership, strategy, customer engagement, operations, workforce and measurement & results. The improvement specialists at IMEC are highly skilled in technology implementation, process and innovation management, top and bottom line growth and much more.

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Non-Profit Success

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Mchenry County Work Center

McHenry County Work Center – The McHenry Workforce Network partners with a variety of local stakeholders and achieved success in operations.

What Our Clients are Saying..

  • We will continue to work on finding federal grants and funding sources for programs that focus on the specific skill sets our business need to grow.

    Julie Courtney McHenry County Work Center (Director)

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