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In the wake of Industry 4.0, manufacturing leaders face diverse business challenges. To maintain your competitive edge in today’s business climate, you must navigate the maze of regulatory compliance, reduce costs, attract and retain a quality workforce, mitigate cybersecurity risks, all while exceeding customer expectations. You are at a high risk of being able to grow your business because of the retiring baby boomers. While an aerospace manufacturer may face a different challenge than a food manufacturer, the end goal is the same – to pursue excellence and build a competitive future for your organization and surrounding community.

Competitive Futures

It’s a great day when operations are running smoothly, employees are engaged and customers are satisfied. You feel you are on the right path to performance excellence and creating a competitive future. Let’s make that sustainable! IMEC uses a world recognized standard for excellence which addresses the key critical business aspects of leadership, strategy, customer engagement, operations, workforce and measurement & results. The improvement specialists at IMEC are highly skilled in continuous improvement, technology implementation, leadership development and much more.

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Manufacturing Success

More Manufacturing Success Stories:

IVP Plastics Marketing Analysis

IVP Plastics – Injection molder expands market penetration and improves customer engagement.

Skandia AS9100C Standard Registration

Skandia – Aircraft interior specialists achieves AS9100C certification in 10 months!

Gilster Mary Lee Lean Manufacturing

Gilster-Mary Lee – Private food manufacturer increases employee engagement and improve productivity through lean and continuous improvement training.

What Our Clients are Saying…

  • I love the basic concept of IMEC. They help you discover issues, make it clear to your team where those issues lie, identify solutions and then train your people to put those solutions in place and sustain them. Every second they were here was beneficial to me and my employees. It was worth every penny we invested.

    Craig Zoberis Fusion OEM (Burr Ridge)
  • IMEC takes the time to listen to everyone’s perspective and they’re very patient. These projects have helped us to take a big step forward in modernizing our business processes.

    Mike Koenigstein Roesch (VP of Manufacturing)
  • The process of working with IMEC was eye opening and much less risky; having them as a partner gave us peace of mind and the complete confidence that we had chosen the right software for us. At the same time, the project saved us a lot of wasted time conducting our own evaluation or wasted dollars working with other consultants.

    Craig Van Den Avont GAM Enterprises (President)

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