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Smart healthcare is the future; is your healthcare organization prepared to succeed? By investing in advanced technology, you are able to reduce costs, improve the quality of care and increase data security and accessibility. In addition to technological advances, your organization must become more consumer-centric to provide the highest level of care for patients, maintain compliance with government regulations by investing in your people and processes, and create a workplace culture that makes you an employer of choice.  The healthcare industry is not exempt from the challenges facing other industries, and as such, the goals to reduce waste and improve efficiencies will move you toward providing value-based – not volume-based – services.

Competitive Futures

When you have a solid IT infrastructure in place and can leverage big data so you have access to patient data at anytime from anywhere, you are one step closer to creating a future-ready healthcare organization. IMEC uses a world recognized standard for excellence which addresses the key critical business aspects of leadership, strategy, customer engagement, operations, workforce and measurement & results. The improvement specialists at IMEC are highly skilled in continuous improvement, technology implementation leadership development and much more.

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Healthcare Success

See how we’ve helped other healthcare organizations:

Elmhurst Hospital – Employee pair guides organization-wide approach to excellence with evidence-based framework.

Maxant Technologies Thrive Marketing Intelligence

Maxant Technologies – Medical imaging company gets an inside look at the competitive market place.


American College of Healthcare Executives – Recipient of the 2016 ILPEx Gold Award for Achievement of Excellence.

What Our Clients are Saying…

  • The ILPEx Recognition Program and the volunteer Examiners is a huge network of people that serve as an invaluable resource. They are a community of people on the same journey, which together, are truly helping each other.

    Sherri Hill Elmhurst Hospital (Associate Vice President of Quality and Safety)
  • Gathering competitive intelligence was a great way to pull some unbiased information from our customers, who were much more willing to open up to a third party. Their input gave us some different angles to look at and helped us make some decisions we probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

    John Ambrose Maxant Technologies (Business Unit Manager)

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