Boost Import Substitution in Illinois and Increase Sales

Reshoring and import substitution opportunity for Illinois manufacturers to open new sales channels offering locally produced components to large OEMs, as substitutes for imported products.

To help Illinois small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) gain more domestic business and build global competitiveness, IMEC is partnering with the Reshoring Initiative® to provide a fully-funded opportunity for SMMs to play a vital role in import substitution for the components they can supply right here in Illinois.

The program will provide a national list of vetted and qualified OEMs that import products our manufacturers produce or can produce competitively. A team of experts will then provide coaching to teach you how to sell your products and the idea of reshoring to these OEMs.

Program qualifications:

  • Have between 25 – 500 employees
  • Operate in the state of Illinois
  • Specialize in a narrow set of product categories
  • Can offer quick deliveries on products that typically are surface freighted from offshore
  • Compete with or have lost business to imports

Program participants can expect:

  • A list of potential sales channels based on your business and market
  • IMEC support contacting these potential buyers
  • Fact sheets to give potential buyers about how import substitution can help them
  • Support planning how your company will handle potential buyers’ capacity needs

Complete the form below to become one of the manufacturers bringing business back to Illinois!

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