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Sanitization and cleaning

what are some recommendations for companies who can deep clean and sanitize our manufacturing facility on a regular basis?


Thanks for the question. This morning IMEC held a webinar (among others) on cleaning procedures that was hosted by AdvantaClean that was very insightful. Happy to go into further discussion and recommend other businesses if you want to email or fill out our helpline form.

Hope this helps!


I hope this is ok for me to post here since I'm a vendor, but we have been trying to get the word out about how to clean your 2-way radios.  Since radios are normally not assigned to individuals but handed off from shift to shift, the chance of cross contamination is high.

In a nutshell, radios should be cleaned with alcohol, not a Clorox product.  The Clorox can discolor or cause a deterioration of the plastic.  Also, when wiping down radios do not pour the alcohol directly on the equipment.  Dampen a rag with it to wipe the radios down.

If anybody has any other questions feel free to contact me via the forum.  I also have a PDF that can be posted for all to see in your facility.

Stay safe and healthy.

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