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Cleaning Services

We keep developing and researching new cleaning practices to implement regularly as we move forward, but is there anyone who can come in and deep clean so that we start with a clean slate and ensure no currently present disease ?

Thank you for your question. If you want to contact your local regional manager or info@imec.org, we can direct you to a local resource for cleaning in your area.

We received a quotation from Service Pro in Elgin for both deep cleaning and a fogging system they have. It seems expensive compared to other facilities we have across the country, but information and details are somewhat limited for apples to apples comparisons.

Hi Guest.  We just did a webinar about sanitation and decontamination located for viewing on the right side of https://www.imec.org/corona-virus-updates/.  Also if you would like to talk to our team about services or have additional questions on how to find the right sanitation solution for your organization, please reach out to Emily Lee at elee@imec.org.

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