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INCREASE ONLINE SALES: Role for Manufacturers in the eCommerce Marketplace 6-Part Series

March 9 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


ATTENTION ILLINOIS MANUFACTURERS! Spark sales growth with attention to your eCommerce strategy, developed through 6-part training series on March 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, and 26.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers have large growth opportunities awaiting in the world of digital sales. Through 6 sessions, led by eCommerce experts, this series outlines where, why, and how to solidify your company’s place in the online marketplace.

  • Session 1 – March 9: Building an Explosive Amazon Program for Manufacturers  |  Brian Beck (Managing Partner, Enceiba and Author, “Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce“)

    The global COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Amazon’s relentless growth in 2020, with the company posting a historic $125 BN sales result in Quarter 4.  Amazon has flipped places with Google and is now the #1 product search engine in the United States.  The company’s B2B unit, Amazon Business, has grown to almost $25 BN in business-to-business revenue, making it one of the largest distributors in the world.  How can manufacturers participate in this tremendous growth opportunity without causing channel conflict with traditional resellers and maintaining control of their brand?  Join this session to find out!   During this highly engaging webinar, you will learn from Brian Beck, a 20+ year Ecommerce industry veteran and Managing Partner of Enceiba, the industry’s only Amazon agency focused on B2B manufacturers.  Brian will share insights around:
    • Selling approaches manufacturers can use for Amazon to retain control of brand and price
    • The critical elements to drive massive growth on Amazon
    • De-mystifying Amazon Business – what is it, and how can manufacturers leverage its capabilities?
    • Amazon’s future plans for the B2B industry
    • How to manage potential channel conflict
    • and more!
  • Session 2 – March 12: Develop a Scalable Marketing System That Connects with Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer  |  Allison DeFord
    If you’ve ever felt like you’ve wasted time or money on marketing that doesn’t grow sales, you’re not alone. The real value of having a scalable measurable marketing system that connects and is FELT by your ideal customer is priceless because it makes sales easier.  Start by making your customer the hero of your story. Your values plus their values define your “shared” values. When customers can envision themselves in a winning state they trust and purchase faster.  Emotionally engaged customers are 33% less price sensitive, 44% less likely to go to competitors, and 300% more likely to recommend you. The power of being not only seen and heard, but felt.
  • Session 3 – March 16: Digital Marketing Deep Dive for Manufacturing eCommerce Success  |  Ira Bowman (Owner of Bowman Digital Media)
    We all want to increase website traffic but most don’t know how to make it happen. This course covers how to build your digital audience, via paid advertising, social media, backlink building, email campaigns, blogs, videos, referrals and more. This 30,000-foot view course will teach how everything comes together to generate website traffic. It should also help you understand where your business is currently the strongest and perhaps where you need the most help. Building your digital audience will help your business generate a stronger sales funnel for the future.
  • Session 4 – March 19: Improve Your Marketing by Creating a “Digital Twin” of your Sales Team  |  Greg Mischio (Owner and Founder of Winbound)
    A Digital Twin is used in manufacturing to create a digital representation of a machine or process to improve performance and quality.  This presentation shows b2b marketers how to  reach prospects by using content to create a “digital twin” of your sales team, as well as solicit input from your customers so you’ll generate the content they’re looking for.  It includes insights on:

    • Integrating your sales team into your content marketing approach
    • Creating the most effective piece of content for each stage of the customer journey
    • Using content to create “referral” sources, much like your sales team does
  • Session 5 – March 23: Solving the Case Study Conundrum for Manufacturers Pursuing eCommerce Success  |  Steve Melito
    Solving the Case Conundrum for Manufacturers Pursuing eCommerce Success explains how to get past NDAs and customer resistance so that you can share credible examples of why your business is better. You’ll learn why case studies work, how you can write them with varying degrees of customer participation, and what you can do when it looks like you’re out of options.  Key takeaways from this presentation include:

    • The ingredients of a successful case study
    • Getting customers to say “yes” and participate
    • Unusual but engaging options when the answer is “no”
  • Session 6 – March 26: Manufacturers Going Global with Alibaba.com  |  Kate Anderson

Valued at $600 per attendee, this training is available at no cost to Illinois manufacturers through Federal CARES Act funding.



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Contact Name: Emily Lee

Contact Phone: 608-445-4905

Contact Emailelee@imec.org


March 9
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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