Did you know?

Manufacturers needs and goals have shifted.  In order thrive in their current operations and continue to remain globally competitive, together we are finding new and innovative ways to solve problems, address gaps, and build a stronger future for Illinois Manufacturing.

Over the last 3 months, the top 5 things that manufacturers are reporting as urgent and a priority for their organization:

  • Creating Growth Opportunities – 70%
  • Driving Productivity and Efficiency in their Processes – 60%
  • Leading the Organization toward High Performance- 56%
  • Finding, Training & Retaining a Skilled Workforce- 54%
  • Improving Safety, Hygiene, & Sanitation- 53%

This information is being used by local, state, and federal stakeholders to help identify the needed resources to help Illinois Manufacturers through their challenges.  Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey and make sure your voice is heard.  As resources and solutions continue to become available, we will work with you to address your needs.