Coronavirus: News + Updates

The Coronavirus continues to make its way across the globe.  As many of us are trying to keep an eye on the impact,  it is a good time to think through potential risks for you and your organization. We owe it to our customers, employees, and communities to ensure health and safety in our business practices.

Coronavirus Updates

Here are five steps you can do this week:

  • Determine supply chain disruption risks
  • Reeducate employees on preventing virus spread
  • Review and revise cleaning schedules for common areas
  • Work with local health professionals
  • Communicate promptly

Webinars Available for On-Demand Viewing + Additional Resources

Webinar Resources:

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Efforts – Parts 1 & 2

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Efforts Webinars addresse the virus’s ability to impact your current business operational model and offers easy-to-implement strategies to guide you through this time of uncertainty. IMEC and Capjem provide the resources introduced in the live webinar.