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Premier Fabrication


When Premier Fabrication President Scott Aberle saw demand for his company’s capabilities decrease, he set in motion a plan to diversify his product mix, aggressively explore opportunities in new sectors, and improve quality and efficiency.

Premier is among a group of Illinois manufacturers who teamed with IMEC to emerge from the economic slowdown healthier and more capable.

IMEC Solution

The company has increased its focus on targeted marketing and relationship building, engaging IMEC to conduct an analysis of their customers, competitors and high level market opportunities. Premier launched an e-mail newsletter and is worked with a Peoria-based marketing consultant to explore strategies for increasing sales revenue.

In one creative move, Aberle teamed with a Missouri wholesale building materials distributor and is now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of a conveyor system that moves heavy loads of shingles to rooftops. The company is also using the period to sharpen worker skills, improve processes and boost product quality.


  • Teamed with another manufacturer to produce and distribute a shingle-to-rooftop conveyor system
  • Launched a new e-mail newsletter to position Premier capabilities for existing customers and business prospects
Premier Fabrication Illinois

Premier Fabrication

70 Employees

Congerville, Illinois

“You have to be creative and be willing to collaborate. The easiest thing to do is sit back and wait for your core business to return.We looked at our assets, the things that really set us apart, and pursued business opportunities that fit our unique capabilities.”


– Scott Aberle, President

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