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Nudo Products Inc.


Focused on refining their organizational strategy and metrics, Nudo Products was ready to define the new baseline for business management including efficiency and productivity. The existing behaviors and balanced scorecard were effectively measuring the company’s activity and daily emerging issues, but lacked a more sophisticated way to identify gaps in the processes and create an action plan for addressing larger challenges. With their intuition and past experiences in hand, the Nudo team engaged IMEC for the Promoting Business Excellence (PROBE) benchmark assessment.

IMEC Solution

The company assigned a small, cross-functional team of senior managers to complete the PROBE assessment and define next steps for the organization. Taking the assessment results back to the entire organization, it was important for Nudo to include the workforce and align expectations for improvement. Revising existing key performance indicators (KPIs) and honing in on the process and workforce changes was crucial. “One primary target for us was to increase sales growth,” said Tom Titone, Nudo Products Quality and Engineering Manager. “But in order to meet that target we needed to bring in new processes and add more CNC capabilities, as well as engineering to support the sales growth.” Since the assessment, Nudo has brought on new manufacturing engineers to ensure their products and processes are in sync and meeting new metric expectations. “We needed to be able to perform on an operations basis,” continued Tom. “Those targets were very important to us, so the new metrics and meeting them was essential.”


  • $3.5M in new sales
  • 15 jobs created, 5 retained
  • $10,000 investment in new property, plant, or equipment
  • $10,000 investment in employee skills
Nudo Products Illinois

Nudo Products Inc.

177 Employees

Springfield, Illinois

“In a small manufacturing community, it’s essential to build close relationships and leverage the experience of others. IMEC provided that for us and internally forced us to examine our network of resources, pulling in the right people and resources to get the job done.”


– Tom Titone, Quality & Engineering Manager

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