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IRMCO wanted to improve its application of 5S/Lean principles from its current level of deployment to improve operations and provide world class service at lower costs for their customers. The company observed opportunities in several areas of their factory, warehouse, laboratory and office where the application of organization and visual management could be measurably improved.

IMEC Solution

The IMEC technical specialists engaged IRMCO for two full days of training on the 5S system (Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain). It was important for the employees to learn the difference in workplace appearance and functionality before and after the 5S process had been applied. During the two day training, participants performed in-depth audits of the current areas, set standardized procedures to organize and then maintain and control the organized work space using visual controls. Additionally, the IRMCO team assessed their completed work using “before” and “after” pictures and created an action list (with prioritization) for sustaining 5S compliance.

IRMCO can see a much more consistent application of 5S concepts across all areas of the business with a resulting reduction in the disorganized or “messy areas”. There have also been improvements (or decreases) in the amount of time required to find an item, or the status of a job, as the level of organization and visual status of work has improved.


  • Increase in annual sales by $1.5 million
  • Inventory savings of approximately $30,000
  • Additional labor cost savings of $10,00
  • Improved employee morale and work efficiency
IRMCO Illinois


100 Employees Worldwide

Evanston, Illinois

“We had the capacity to increase production, but needed to 5S our plant to streamline operations and make us more efficient. Our employees are proud of their work areas, which leads to happy, more productive employees.”


– Jennifer Kalas, President

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