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Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc.


While practice and performance have kept quality on target for Frey & Weiss, it wasn’t until the threat of a lost customer thrust them into making it official. Ernie Pabon, President of Frey & Weiss Precision Machining, knew that their nearly 50 year history would not be able to salvage customer relations without the commitment to a quality management system. “To a certain extent, we were already practicing a lot of the principles,” said Pabon. “But a better process, better identification, and better components of what we were building would enhance the customer base and allow us to pursue new business and opportunities.”

IMEC Solution

That was when Ernie reached out to IMEC for their expertise and implementation support of the new QMS. Breaking the process down into twelve manageable segments of work and onsite support from IMEC technical specialists, the Frey & Weiss team was able to address the updates required while still managing to operate the business as usual. By also assigning a key member of his team to the project, they were able to keep the improvements on task. “It was really a great collaboration between everyone,” said Pabon. “Without IMEC challenging our team and holding us accountable, it could have taken much longer than anticipated.”

According to Ernie, the biggest benefit has been in the assembly department. While part of their business is to support other firms’ production and machining, Frey & Weiss also builds complete machines and mechanical assembly. Through the QMS implementation, they were able to take a closer look at the documentation of their systems, or lack thereof. The quality assessment forced them to create specific processes and work instructions, ultimately streamlining the process at assembly and resulting in new capacity and new opportunities. Additional improvements include the team dynamics and understanding of the quality system. The Frey & Weiss team now meets on a monthly basis to share ideas for improvement – keeping the focus on continual quality improvement. All of the results were reported within the first seven months of the registration.


  • Capital equipment investment of $165,000
  • Retained sales of $500,000
  • $20-60k in new sales
  • Reduction in production cycle times
  • Reduction in inventory levels
Frey & Weiss Metalworking Technology

Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc.

18 Employees

Wood Dale, Illinois

“Working with IMEC was really a key to the project and keeping the team on task. It was always very pleasant, productive and professional. As we move forward and experience new challenges, we will definitely consider IMEC first.”


– Ernie Pabon, President

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