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Fire Chariot, LLC


Within the volatile global supply chain, risk is an inherent component that must be accounted for. After facing several challenges with inconsistent quality and sourcing from key international suppliers, brother’s Jeff and Rob Brue decided it was time to evaluate Fire Chariot’s complete supply chain.

IMEC Solution

Through a relationship with local IMEC specialists, Jeff and Rob were introduced to the Risk Mitigation component of the MEP Supply Chain Optimization program. This multi-day engagement gave Fire Chariot an opportunity to identify the general categories and events that most adversely affect their supply chains, and the benefits of developing an effective overall risk mitigation strategy. “The workshop really helped bring our small team together to say ‘what if’ and establish a process for documenting and assigning values to our supply chain risks,” said Rob Brue, Chief Financial Officer for Fire Chariot.

The strategy session also included the creation of a risk management plan which documented the team’s mitigation strategies, described trigger events, and established monitoring metrics and activities. Rob noted “overall the assessment led us to realize the shortage of supply alternatives, should we face an issue.” From this process, the Fire Chariot team has begun to identify and evaluate new, secondary suppliers in Taiwan and China, opening doors for future expansion in sales and company growth.


  • Doubled Our Supply Network
  • Identified opportunities for higher volume production orders
  • Increased Supplier Visibility by Two Tiers
  • Reduced sourcing costs by 15%

Fire Chariot, LLC

10 Employees

Rochelle, Illinois

“We love working with IMEC. Our local contacts always have new suggestions or creative ways to help our company. I would highly recommend them for a small or medium sized business wanting to look at their sourcing process as a team.”


– Robert J Brue, MBA, MIM, Fire Chariot, LLC – Chief Financial Officer

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