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Dulin Metals Co.


Dulin Metals is firmly committed to good business practices which benefit people, planet and profit. They had several goals for the E3 assessment: (1) identify opportunities that would allow them to no longer be classified as a large quantity hazardous waste generator; (2) find ways to reduce utility costs; and (3) repurpose waste in a more efficient, cost effective and sustainable manner. Dulin Metals utilized Illinois Sustainable Technology Center’s (ISTC) technical assistance to facilitate a team based E3 (Economy, Energy, and Environment) assessment.

IMEC Solution

The Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) provided economic and process efficiency advice. The E3 assessment team reviewed the entire facility. Dulin Metals showed its commitment to the E3 process by involving top management, engineers, and floor supervisors in assisting the E3 team and providing data and information about product flows, material usage, processing time, and energy usage. Following the assessment, the team reviewed its recommendations with Dulin decision-makers and produced a final list of specific action areas in each of the three focus areas.


  • Installed a programmable thermostat to control heating and cooling, and installed occupancy sensors
  • Replaced open tube air guns with OSHA-compliant, energy-efficient safety air guns
  • Pelletized the waste corncob material and turned into a source of alternative energy
Dulin Metals Co Illinois

Dulin Metals Co.

33 Employees

Des Plaines, Illinois

“With the help of the expert team involved in this project, we were able to take a quantitative and qualitative look at our processes, and improve upon them.”


– Bret Penninger, Plant Manager

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