Operations Solutions

Today's successful companies are flexible, efficient and responsive to change. They produce only what their customers need, precisely when they need it, with zero defects. They have efficient processes, and a safe working environment for employees who are engaged and committed to results. The solutions offered below prepare manufacturers to implement the daily behaviors that ensure a continuous flow of value to the customer.

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Total Productive Maintenance Training with Kaizen

Understand best practices for incorporating maintenance in the everyday performance of your facility in order to keep your machines fully operational.
Improving your overall performance by increasing equipment productivity, reliability and safety. The first part of this training will focus on the building of a quality Maintenance Management program. The second part will be hands-on application of the learning through performing a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) kaizen event on a critical piece of equipment.
Maintenance Excellence fundamentals training for your team

Maintenance Management documentation for machine of your choice

TPM plan for the machine

Lean Training with kaizen

Improve your productivity and competitiveness by giving your employees a basic understanding of lean tools and the experience of applying lean in a familiar environment. This will serve as a baseline from which your business can begin or continue its lean journey.
Continuous Improvement is required to remain competitive. Your employees will learn and apply lean practices to get started on or give a boost to your continuous improvement journey.
Lean overview training with hands-on simulations (1 full day)

Facilitated application of lean in your facility (2 full days)

Action items and plan for driving improvement in your facility

TWI Job Methods

Empower your supervisors to identify and drive continuous improvement in your processes and workflow.
Improve activities that contribute directly to the profitability and future growth of your company. Management, front line supervisors and anyone with the authority to make changes in the workplace will benefit from this session. With this module there will be Ideas that can increase production, reduce loss time, prevent waste of material, and increase the use of manpower, machinery, and equipment.
Hands-on training for Management, Supervisors, Leads, and anyone who has the authority to implement changes

Follow-up coaching sessions to work with supervisors in their environment to practice and support successful implementation of learned behaviors and tools.

Internal Auditor Training ISO 9001 or AS9100

Enhance the skill level of new and current Quality Management System (QMS) auditors with a train and do workshop.
Prepare your team to be skilled quality auditors so they can ensure you follow your QMS processes and get your facility ready for a certification audit.
Internal auditors trained on QMS and Standards

Internal auditors trained to process auditing techniques

Conduct an internal audit of the QMS

Automation Assessment and Training

Identify priority areas to apply robots and cobots and train your team how to use them.
Through an on-site assessment,an IMEC Technical specialist will identify potential areas to apply robots or cobots, gather estimates, calculate ROI, propose priorities and implementation sequence, and assist in training your team how to use selected automation.
A platform and vendor agnostic identification of the most impactful areas for robotics in your facility

Business case for robotics along with proposed prioritization

Safety Assessment and Training

Identify opportunities to improve safe practices in your facility and receive training on 3 safety areas.
Choose from the following 3 topics:

Walking working Surfaces

Exit routes, Emergency Action plans and fire preventions

General electrical safetys

Personal Protective Equipments

Hazardous Communications

Material Handlings

Machine guardings

Blood Born Pathogens

Lock out Tag out
A report identifying opportunities to improve your safety practices and procedures

Employee training on 3 safety topics

Supply Chain Management Assessment with kaizen

Better manage and control your supply chain processes and procedures in order to better manage your supplier performance.
This project will assist the client to decrease supply chain risk through implementation of best practices in supplier evaluation and monitoring of supplier performance. Improving supplier performance can reduce costs and increase productivity.
Gap analysis identifying opportunities to improve your current processes and procedures

Prioritized action plan to drive change

Hands on coaching to help your team implement change

Cybersecurity Assessment & Gap Analysis

Understand gaps in their IT infrastructure that provide cyber vulnerabilities and create a prioritized plan to address the gaps
Integrating the required policies and practices into the company’s daily operations and employee behavior. This is the most effective method to maintain the protection level required to meet the threat environment.
Gap Assessment of Security Issues

Vulnerability Scans

Network Security Diagram

Plan of Action / Technical Roadmap

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