Maria Moran


Regional Manager

“Sustained growth requires systemic change.”

Contact Information:

Phone: 630-842-6836
Fax: 309-677-3289
Email: mmoran@imec.org
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-moran-795469b

Lending a Hand:

I am an insightful business leader with the unique ability to translate big picture vision into detailed action plans; efficiently rectify issues; and provide proactive solutions. I can help Illinois manufacturers become stronger not only on their balance sheet but also in the community as a job creator.

With my diverse background and as a Baldrige Examiner, I help manufacturers recognize operational components that are in need of enhancement, expeditiously evaluate all plausible options and implement results-oriented solutions. Together we can design custom business strategies that mature company systems; develop creative workforce solutions and continually foster company growth. I also customize creative solutions for sales, marketing, strategic planning, and hiring the Autistic workforce.

My Background:

I first began my career in healthcare which emphasized the importance of partnering with a team to strategically create success. Each team member contributed to the overall results. The importance of using tools like continuous improvement and employee relations to improve organizational and personal growth was undeniable. As my career matured, I found myself using these same principals in the manufacturing sector. Combining my experience in healthcare and manufacturing, and using components of the Baldrige framework as a guide, my passion for strategic change has made me successful in assisting organizations to both identify and reach their goals.

My passion for strategic change began when I was able to experience the positive results produced when all levels – from the leadership team to the shop floor – were striving for a clearly identified, common goal. When all employees trust the process, the opportunity for success is limitless. It is inspiring! My greatest satisfaction comes when everyone is empowered to create the solution. It doesn’t always come easy, but when it does happen, it’s extremely rewarding and productive.

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