Technical Specialist

Leadership is inspiring others how to do it. Inspiration comes from clarity of one’s vision, courage of one’s conviction and the ability to effectively communicate both of those things” Brene Brown 

Contact Information:

Phone: 219-614-2366
Fax: 309-677-3289


Growing up in the manufacturing Midwest with both parents working at one of the biggest mills in the area, I witnessed firsthand how vital manufacturing is for families and communities as it allows for income equality.  

My manufacturing career began as a customer service representative at a steel manufacturer where I managed automotive accounts. In this role, I encountered and overcame many obstacles while shipping products across U.S./Mexico border. I utilized different resources and conducted extensive research in order to understand the process of shipping, export documentation requirements, and traveling across borderlines. Throughout this process, I learned that communication was key to meeting customers’ expectations. I grew to understand the organization from different angles, which equipped me with the knowledge to help employees learn different skills to communicate more effectively and empower them to become successful. 

As a bi-lingual professional with IMEC, I am able to help manufacturers excel with a more engaged workforce. My focus is mainly on employee engagement and workforce development where I get to help employees voice their needs and feel empowered within the organization – especially Spanish-speaking employees. By collaborating with supervisors and implementing trainings like Training Within Industry (TWI), regardless of language barriers (English/Spanish), organizations end up with a more engaged team of employees, improved productivity that boosts their bottom line.  


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication emphasis Public Relations from Purdue Northwest University 
  • Master of Arts in Communication emphasis Interpersonal Communication Purdue Northwest University 

Specialized Skills

  • Bilingual – English & Spanish 
  • Export documentation training 
  • Certified Trainer for Development Dimensions International (DDI)
  • Certified Training Within Industry (TWI)
  • Certified Job Relations (JR) and Job Instruction (JI) Trainer and Coach


I created a standard operating procedure for How to Ship to Mexico after encountering numerous obstacles with shipping across borderlines. Asking the right questions, working with different departments, collaborating with stakeholders, I established procedures along with a troubleshooting guide for the entire company, which lead to reduced shipping time and cost savings.