Regional Manager

“Business leaders tend to want three major outcomes from a service provider: ‘Help me improve my brand.  Help me grow my business.  Help me make my life easier.’  Focusing on and delivering these fundamentals makes us a valued and trusted partner. “


Phone: 815-441-7746
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Lending a Hand

My role as a Regional Manager affords me the opportunity to listen, observe and learn from the business leaders in my area.  Each industry and organization has its unique challenges and cultures.  However, they all share the need for successful execution of basic fundamentals to grow and prosper.

Listen, observe, and learn.  Then offer ideas, possible solutions and a plan for execution.  There is limited value in simply pointing out what needs to be fixed in an organization.  The real value is in a partner that can identify the right issue, and then help to implement the solution.  This brings immediate results and lasting value for the business, and helps to cultivate a healthy business relationship.

At IMEC, I am able to demonstrate my expertise in areas like financial analysis, process improvement, strategic planning, and business continuity planning to help organizations in Northwest Illinois build sustainable competitiveness. I enjoy earning a spot at the table as a solution provider that can design and implement practical solutions that get results…quickly.

My Background

I have served for more than 30 years in operations and leadership roles, across a range of industries including healthcare, financial services, and agriculture with both profit and not-for-profit organizations.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication at Illinois State, then an MBA at St. Ambrose University midway in my career.  My graduate work flipped the entrepreneurial switch on for me.  I brought that to all of my roles in operations management and organization leadership in COO and CEO roles.  Eventually it led me to start my own consulting firm in order to help small and medium sized business leaders.