Regional Manager

“P2P – People working with People.”

Contact Information:

Phone: 815-997-6789
Fax: 309-677-3289

Lending a Hand:

My passion has always been to help people. I’ve made it my goal to provide the best possible information to help my clients make the best possible decisions to build and sustain competitive and profitable businesses. In my time in the industry I have learned the key component is relationship building; it’s not about companies doing business with other companies, but rather people doing business with people. In spite of our modern technologies, it is the ability of two people to come together to identify the need and bring about the resources to implement solutions.

My job is all about providing program support and guidance to clients for their functional and transformational improvements. By encouraging accountability and a focus on making positive changes, I help my clients recognize when they’ve excelled in their business endeavors and achieved an ideal return on investment. It’s a value driven process supported by a growing relationship between people.

My Background:

I’ve spent my career engaged in the industrial OEM & MRO markets engaging customers through direct and distribution sales channels. I’ve worked in industries ranging from high volume lighting, electronics, industrial controls, motor, generator and transformers to lower volume heavy equipment, marine, power generation, production line MRO wear parts and transportation. My experience covers the business development and marketing side of the business along with an operational focus on manufacturing, engineering and production control. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Illinois University.