Director of Client Solutions

“I like helping manufacturing companies realize the heart of an organization are their employees. They are the ones who ultimately determine the customers happiness.”

Contact Information:

Phone: 630-589-4888
Fax: 309-677-3289


Based in Chicago, I focus on the people aspect of the people, process, product model and bring my diverse experience as an associate human resources consultant to IMEC. I am responsible for aiding Illinois manufacturers in all of their human resource needs to deliver customized HR solutions. I provide human capital management advisory services and help companies develop and communicate policies, train employees and implement a recruitment process. I also provide consultation and guidance to senior management and organizational partner in the interpretation of HR management policies, procedures, programs and applications of laws and regulations.

One of the most enjoyable aspects is helping with the people aspect. I am able to assist in their onboarding process, to implementing a feedback vehicle to improve employee moral and satisfaction in both formal and informal manners.


  • Six Sigma White Belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Eastern Illinois University Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Valdosta State University Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Specialized Skills

  • Data Collection Analysis
  • Cultural Index Survey
  • Qualtrics
  • EBSCOhost
  • Pbworks
  • SPSS
  • Leadership Training
  • Certified Trainer for Development Dimensions International (DDI)


I created a process of enhancing workplace culture within a university department. I developed an outline of a certificate program for current employees. This was for employees who want to develop and enhance skills for professional growth. A survey was developed to see what employees thought of their workplace. With the results, specific details were able to be implemented within the certificate program (along with a two tier pay scale). Training courses were created, along with short tests for the end of each training, that had topics which would not only benefit the employee, but also for their future careers. In addition to the core classes, elective course options were also intact. In completion of the certificate program, along with any required tests, a pay increase will occur.