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Success Story

Kopp Welding & Laser Technology

Kopp Welding & Laser Technology

(5 employees)

Elk Grove Village, Illinois - Offers laser, micro, TIG, MIG, and production welding services, as well as tool and die repair and custom steel fabrication.



Proactively putting a quality management system in place sets us apart from our competitors. It shows our customers that we’ve examined our procedures and that we follow them consistently. There’s no way I could have done it without IMEC’s help. I’d still be writing procedures today.”


- Walt Kopp, Owner



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Kopp’s customers’ customers - large, global manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries - have begun to require quality certification from suppliers. Company leaders decided it was time to put a quality management system in place, but felt ISO 9001 standards were overly complicated for their small firm. Instead, they decided to pursue a certification for welding process quality, ISO 3834. A fellow Tooling & Manufacturing Association (TMA) member recommended IMEC for assistance.

IMEC Solution

First, IMEC brought in DOT Quality Services, a certification body that specializes in metals manufacturing and welding, to provide ISO 3834 requirements training. Then, IMEC conducted a gap assessment to review Kopp’s current processes, practices, documentation and quality records. Because 95% of the company’s work is custom, IMEC helped Kopp focus on the general procedures required, then write specific procedures for repetitive tasks. DOT Quality Services conducted a pre-assessment to ensure the company was on track and including all required elements. Kopp had its official audit in October 2014 and, after addressing nonconformance from the audit, received ISO 3834 certification in January 2015.



  • Successfully certified to ISO 3834-4 quality requirements for welding international standard
  • Standardized existing & created new processes to consistently meet customer specs
  • Differentiated the company from other welding services suppliers