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Success Story

CoreCentric Solutions

CoreCentric Solutions Inc.

(226 employees)

Glendale Heights, Illinois - Customized product and part lifecycle management and remanufacturing solutions for retailers and appliance manufacturers.




“ IMEC brings a lot of knowledge to the table from their experience with other companies. I would encourage any heavy labor-based manufacturer to take a look at TWI because it will help you reduce costs and keep jobs here in the U.S. IMEC is a great, cost-effective resource to get it done.”


- Badal Wadia, CEO



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Managing returns and remanufacturing of products is a highly labor-intensive business. Unlike manufacturing operations, which often rely on automated machines and processes to boost efficiency, CoreCentric must depend on its people to work as productively as possible. After participating in IMEC’s Lean Manufacturing Overview and Simulation training, company leaders decided to explore if Training Within Industry (TWI) could help get them even more out of their human resources.

IMEC Solution

TWI, which got its start as a way to boost U.S. industrial production during World War II, creates work environments where jobs are performed the same way by all team members and problem-solving occurs at the operator level. With IMEC’s help, CoreCentric implemented two of TWI’s standardized modules: Job Instruction, which helped leaders train employees to do their jobs correctly, safely and conscientiously, and Job Relations, which helped supervisors develop and maintain positive employee relations, preventing problems from happening and effectively resolving any conflicts that do arise. CoreCentric is now using TWI for all on-the-job training in its facilities.






  • Improved trust and teamwork among leaders and employees
  • Enhanced implementation of lean and Kaizen
  • Reduced time and increased efficiency for some processes
  • Significant productivity gains expected