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Affecting perception: 8 ways to advance the image of manufacturing

A positive perception of manufacturing is critical for the future success of an organization’s talent recruitment, development, and overall industry advancement. Craig Giffi and Michelle Drew Rodriguez, manufacturing experts from Deloitte, share the latest on advancing the image of manufacturing in celebration of MFG Day in America.

workforce perceptionAmerican public perception of manufacturing, and where Americans see the manufacturing sector is headed, is optimistic. That’s according to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, the National Association of Manufacturers, and The Manufacturing Institute.[i]

Do your human-capital strategies measure up?

NGM Study findings on human-capital strategies and practices and what it takes to make them world-class

Manufacturers recognize the importance of human-capital acquisition, development, and retention but few have the systems in place to achieve world-class status. Of the manufacturers surveyed, only 30% reported they are near or at world-class human-capital management.

Three elements are necessary in human-capital management:
• Company-specific strategy with full-functional involvement and buy-in
• Talent and talent-development programs
• Capable business systems and equipment