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Made in Illinois Featured Company: Profile Plastics, Inc.

Profile Plastics, Inc.

Profile Plastics, Inc. specializes in supplying custom molded, highly engineered, plastic parts manufactured by the thermoforming processes of vacuum, pressure, and twin sheet forming. Most customers’ parts require close tolerance and CNC trimming for a precise, consistent fit. Profile Plastics has established a reputation as an industry leader in expanding the viability of the thermoforming processes through value added engineering.

Their facility allows for a broad range of product requirements and, more importantly, production flexiblity.  Profile Plastics has developed highly repetitive thermoforming processes to support high volume, close tolerance, and high value production.

Made in Chicago Featured Company: Profile Plastics

Profile Plastics
Profile Plastics produces award-winning, custom plastic thermoformed parts for diverse applications in markets such as medical, industrial and food/beverage. Profile specializes in heavy-gauge, highly detailed, close tolerance production via vacuum, pressure and twin-sheet forming processes. Profile Plastics provides an experienced project engineering team to provide innovative solutions to your most challenging projects. ISO 9001:2008 certified.