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How to Expand into the Global Marketplace Webinar

Go Global WebinarsAre you looking to expand into the global marketplace? Are you considering exporting? Exporting is a great way to increase your sales and competitiveness, especially since 95% of your potential consumers live outside of the United States.

Webinar: How to Incorporate Sustainability into your Manufacturing Operations

Illinois_Manufacturing_Extension_Center_PNC_LogoIn the near future, going green will no longer be optional. Rather than waiting to react to regulatory mandates and competitors’ moves, manufacturers that have their eye on the future have begun to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage. Join PNC and Smart Business for a special one-hour Webinar, where we’ll focus on what you need to know about incorporating sustainability into your manufacturing operations. The session will also highlight best practices from the CEOs of two manufacturers that have figured out how to successfully do so.

Join Carlos Cardoso, CEO of Kennametal, and Tony Petrelli, COO of CardPak, as they discuss:

– How to outline specific goals for achievable sustainability, as well as how to build a system that creates buy in for employees

– Why sustainability goes far beyond just environmental issues and ‘going green’

– What you need to consider when measuring ROI on sustainability best practices