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Bringing Diversity to Manufacturing

Written by Melissa Basa, IMEC Regional Manager

With more than 500,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in the United States in recent years, much has been hypothesized and written about the cause(s). If we consider the words of Warren Buffet, who in 2013 told Fortune Magazine that America has built our prosperity using only 50%Diversity of our talent and left an entire gender out of the equation for most of our history, we see that a solution is very much within our reach.  But balancing the gender equation and bringing more women into manufacturing doesn’t require the same approach as increasing the ranks of men.  Let’s look at an example (or three) from my Alma Mater.

In 2016, Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering was the first US national research university to graduate an undergraduate class of engineers that was more than 50% female.  Compare this to the national average that has yet to break 20%.  But gender parity didn’t happen for Thayer overnight and it certainly didn’t happen without intentional cultural changes.  I believe Thayer’s successes could be those of America’s shop floors as well.

Training for Success As We Face the Maintenance Skills Gap

Written by Lawrence Bouvier, CMRP
Vice President – Fuss & O’Neill Manufacturing Solutions

A large amount of industrial maintenance technicians are approaching retirement age – taking with them invaluable knowleTraining for Successdge and experience. Today’s workforce entrants often have high school level vocational training and apprenticeship programs are nearly non-existent. All too often, employers try to fill this void with computer-based learning that focuses merely on craft skills. But hands-on practice is required to develop hands-on skills. Additionally, tradespeople need to understand more than basic craft skills; they need to be expert problem solvers with process knowledge specific to their companies. How do employers close the skills gap?

10 Myths about Training Within Industry Job Instruction

Training Within IndustryWritten by Mary Hallock, IMEC Technical Specialist and TWI Certified Trainer

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a proven job training methodology that has been implemented successfully by companies for decades. Given the challenges of today’s skills gap, it is critical to have systematic approaches to train and retrain staff. Yet, we hear plenty of myths about TWI… allow me to help dispel the myths and set you on a path to TWI success.

Creating a Bridge for Customized Technician Training

Skills for the future of automation

Creating a skilled workforce for the needs of automation today and in the future is vital for the competitive future of Illinois. That’s why IMEC recently partnered with ISA (International Society of Automation) to deliver a five day course for participants in Decatur, Illinois. The “Technician Training Boot Camp” offered an intensive, hands-on training environment focused on industrial measurement and control technologies. Watch the video to learn more!technician training

Attend the 2016 CREDC Industry Workshop

IMEC_CREDCNow is your chance to help mold the future of cyber security research in the Energy Industry. Contribute to needs, gaps, and paths towards addressing the challenges that face the industry today and in the future.

IMEC partners with the International Society of Automation

Looking to improve operational performance?
IMEC partners with the International Society of Automation for new resources.

graphicAs an official partner of IMEC, the International Society of Automation is committed to helping Illinois’ small- and mid-sized manufacturing companies boost revenue, reduce costs, and improve overall operating performance. ISA develops industry-proven automation standards, training, educational resources, and certification programs that produce more capable and competent workforce; safer and more secure and reliable operating environments; and more efficient and profitable results.

Seeing the Invisible – Single Point Lessons

John KravontkaWhile there are many good texts that describe Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) theory and strategy, little has been provided to stimulate the thinking and passion of the “people who do the work”. That is, until now.

Prairiefire On-Campus Intern Hosting

PrairiefireIn today’s manufacturing environment, it is essential for building organizational talent to have an educated and skilled entry-level workforce.  There are many opportunities for companies to engage with regional and national resources to build the talent pipeline. Manufacturers can tap into local resources such as universities to gain access to newly graduated students. With new knowledge in the field and basic experience, manufacturers can mold an efficient and skilled employee out of recent graduates.

2013 Updates in Employment and Labor Law

Labor Law and Employment Law in 2013 Understanding relevant law is one the keys to successfully operating a business. However, staying up to date on current issues in employment law and labor law can be a challenge in the today’s rapidly changing working environment. And with the start of 2013, there are even more issues to take into consideration.  Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC recently shared a 2013 Labor and Employment Law Checklist, detailing employment law trends and how to prepare.

Manufacturing Skills Training at Lake Land College

Manufacturing Skills Training available through Lake Land College Industrial Programs

IMEC and the staff at the LLC Center for Business & Industry are reaching out to companies in the LLC district for manufacturing/industrial-related offerings to train current or future workers on essential skills for the workplace… Check out the program descriptions below and contact IMEC’s Jenny McKinney for additional information!

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